Introducing…My New Website!

Well, I’m back. It’s been a windier road than I expected, but here I am.

Except I’m not using this site any more. One of my projects from this past year has been redesigning this blog and launching it on my very own website! So click on to check out the improvements and find the new content.

I’ll see you on the other side!

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A Brief Interruption

And now in other news, I have a new job!  I am doing temporary work at the science museum here in Seattle, assisting in their development and membership departments, which essentially means I am a data queen.  It’s a new thing for me: going to work, sitting at a computer, listening to my iPod, doing my thing, coming home.  And it’s rather awesome.  It’s the least people interactive job I’ve had in years–I really can think of only a couple other positions that resembled it, which I did during college–and it is such a nice change from teaching, from dealing with chaos (which often times was not caused by the students!), from the piles of essays, from the many layers of exhaustion I carried even on my best days.  This job definitely plays to my introverted side, and it is a good fit for the time being.  I should be there at least until spring (read: through Mike’s GRADUATION!), but the end date is rather up in the air at this point.  Another perk: it’s an easy 10-15 minute walk from our apartment (well, easy on the way there, difficult going straight up Queen Anne on the way back).  We are saving on gas, wear on the car, and as one who has commuted since college, I do not miss early mornings or afternoon traffic one bit.

While the job is a great development, it has made these next few weeks a little more stressful than planned; I am wrapping up cooking for the church and a couple other work commitments I had made prior to getting hired.  I am also in the process of doing some behind the scenes work on this blog (and exciting developments are afoot.  Woot!)  Thus, I am giving myself permission to be a little more absent than I have been (and would like to be) until the dust settles a bit, I have finished these other commitments, and I hit more of a routine.  Ah, routine, how I have missed you.  But have no fear: I am still in my kitchen, experimenting with immersion blenders, ways not to waste food, and a new method for cooking whole grain bread.  I have no doubt I will have something to say about all of the above.  So stay tuned, folks, and thank you for your patience.

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Large Group Adventures: Apple Bundt Cake

I had planned on making zucchini brownies for my church group this week.  Zucchini seems to have stayed in season longer than usual thanks to our unseasonably warm (and lovely) fall.  However, I woke up on Monday utterly frustrated and convinced that this sickness was never actually going to leave.  I have plateaued at not fully well (much to my consternation), and Mike and I are currently trying to discern the best way to propel me back into full health–if it’s simply a matter of waiting, resting, and letting my body rebuild or if there is a lingering medical issue that needs to be addressed.

I had returned to bed on Monday afternoon to ostensibly muster up the energy to actually go to the grocery store, but really I ended up catching up on the blogs I follow.  In doing so, I realized that, instead of zucchini brownies, I really wanted to make this apple bundt cake with cinnamon glaze.  And the thought of retreating to my kitchen that evening for a little self-care was appealing enough to give me the burst of energy I needed to get out the door. Continue reading

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